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Articles & Flyers

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"Characterization of Porous Solids and Powders: Surface Area, Pore Size and Density " (Book)

Detailed information about the popular new book published by Springer. Includes reviews, table of contents and purchasing details. more...


"Efficient Quality Analysis" (Density Analyzers) external link*)

by Martin Thomas, PhD. Gas pycnometry and powder displacement techniques can help ceramic manufacturers quickly, easily and accurately analyze product quality. more...


"Density Solutions:Ceramics & Structural Materials" (Density Analyzers)

by Martin Thomas, PhD. True (Skeletal) density is best determined by automatic gas expansion pycnometers; more...


"Effect of Extragranular Microcrystalline Cellulose on Compaction, Surface Roughness, and In Vitro Dissolution..." (Ultrapycnometer) external link

by Mansoor A. Khan, RPh, PhD, et al Powdered self-emulsified dosage forms provide an attractive alternative to filled-capsule preparations, but the selection of a proper excipient is crucial. more...


"Advancing Technology Through Quality" (NOVA), external link

For a Quantachrome customer, a high level of product quality is key to achieving its goals of technology innovation. more...


"High Quality on a Nanoscale" (NOVA), external link* or email for printout

Highly accurate instrumentation is leading to an increasing use of nanoscale powders to create value-added ceramic products. more...


"Journeys In Nanospace" (Hydrogen adsorption/Autosorb-1)

Characterizing Hydrogen Storage Potential more...


"Laboratory Directory:  Application & Measurement Services"
(All Lab Services)

Welcome to Quantachrome's Application Laboratory whose staff not only has the experience but also the expertise. more...


"Magnesium Stearate: Solving the Surface Area Problem " (Nova e)

A briefing/summary of a Quantachrome case study discussing the magnesium stearate surface area problem. Read article for details on obtaining a copy of the full case study. more...


"Nature of the Electrode" (Characterizing Fuel Cell Components)

The current dynamic interest in fuel cell technology reflects strong technological and economical implications. more...


"Nature of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell " (Characterizing Fuel Cell Components)

Follow-up article to the popular "Nature of the Electrode". Focused in more detail on SOFC in fuel cell technology. more...


"Porous Problems in Ceramics and Structural Materials" (Porosimetry)

Porosity is one of those properties with "kill or cure" effectiveness. more...


"Tablets and Capsules " (AutoTap and Dual AutoTap)

Powder density in solid dosage forms. Also includes powder density equations reference chart. more...


"The Role of Porosity" (Porosimetry/Pycnometry)

A look at the application of porosimetry and pycnometry in reconstructive surgery and wound care biopolymers. more...

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