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The International Zeolite Conference (IZC18)

June 19- 24, 2016
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The international zeolite conference is being held every three years and is not only the most important international event in the zeolite community, but also is considered one of the major scientific conferences in the area of nanoporous materials in general. Dr Thommes will focus in his one hour lecture on “Progress and Challenges in the Structural Characterization of Mesoporous Zeolites by Physical Adsorption”. Dr. Matthias Thommes (Quantachrome’s Director of Applied Science) has been awarded the great honor to give a plenary lecture at the 18th International Zeolite Conference, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro from June 19th to June 24th , 2016 . Plenary-speakers

Quantachrome is a sponsor and will be exhibiting at this major events (IZC18) in the field of Materials Science.

Dr. Charlies Thibault of Quantachrome Inc. will be presenting two talks in the technical / industrial session:

Breakthrough Curves for the Characterization of Industrial Adsorbents
20 June 2016, 16:45–17:10
Industrial adsorbents, such as Zeolites, used for the separation and purification of gasses are constantly being developed and optimized for specific applications. Although surface area, pores size distribution, and pore volume can give an indication of which candidates may be more effective, there are many factors, such as competitive adsorption and kinetics, which play important roles in the effectiveness of these adsorbents. The dynaSorb BT™ breakthrough analyzer is ideally suited to the characterization and qualification of novel adsorbents before scaling up to production quantities.

Temperature Programming Techniques for the Evaluation of Brønsted and Lewis Acid Sites in Zeolite Catalysts
21 June 2016, 16:45–17:10
Surface acid site characterization is an essential step for the design, development and quality control of successful commercial zeolite-based catalysis. Temperature programming methods (or TPx techniques) provide fast, precise and safe screening tools for commercial and R&D catalysts. The ChemStar TPx™ provides the means to apply TPx techniques for the acquisition of data and the powerful data reduction software for the evaluation of Brønsted and Lewis acid site strength distributions on zeolites and related materials.

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Starting on: June 19, 2016
And Running Until:June 24, 2016
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil