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NOVAtouch Gas Sorption Analyzer- Features

NOVAtouch Simultaneous surface area and pore size analysis of up to four samples with NOVA analyzers for dramatic increase in productivity.
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Degas up to four samples while pore size and surface area analysis is in progress for maximum throughput.
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Automatic surface area and pore size analysis, computation, display and printing of results.
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) PC or Touchscreen selection from unlimited number of pore size and surface area analysis types offers fast run initialization.
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Wide variety of sample cells to accommodate any sample.
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Compact, benchtop design to conserve valuable lab space.
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Protective doors for safety.


Meets the most rigorous technical demands

Full equilibration technology with choice of pressure tolerance, equilibration time and relative pressure (P/Po) points.
Multiple Po options for speed and accuracy: user entered, calculated from ambient, measured once, or continuously updated throughout analysis (options depend on model type).
box-s.GIF (53 bytes) Easy upgrades as your needs expand.
box-s.GIF (53 bytes) Built-in microprocessor-guided calibration for optimum performance consistent with ISO 9000 requirements.
box-s.GIF (53 bytes) Manual mode diagnostics for performance verification and maintenance.
box-s.GIF (53 bytes) Real-time display of analysis status for instant user update of analysis progress.
box-s.GIF (53 bytes) Calibration verification is fast. Calibration with printed report performed in a few minutes.


Revolutionary ease of use, speed, and accuracy

tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Classical helium void volume mode eliminates need for cell calibrations. Alternative to NOVA mode (below).
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Patented NO Void Analysis™ (NOVA) mode eliminates helium reducing analysis costs. Alternative to classical mode (above).
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Sensitive and robust Coolant Sensor (controls coolant level for highest accuracy).
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Maxi-Dose algorithm reduces analysis time without compromising accuracy.
tri_top.gif (143 bytes) Low surface area capability with compensation for adsorption on cell walls.

Output capabilities to meet every need

box-s.GIF (53 bytes) Front panel display of results during and upon completion of analysis.
box-s.GIF (53 bytes) Automatic report generation on optional printer.
box-s.GIF (53 bytes) Two-way communication with PC for analysis set up, real-time data acquisition and reporting TouchWin software.