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The new QUADRASORB evo Gas Sorption Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer has been designed for flexibility, performance, accuracy, and modularity. It will adapt to your lab’s evolving material characterization needs, both through the day, and over the years. If you start an analysis in the morning, and then you get delivered new samples 2 hours later, the Quadrasorb evo lets you synchronously run multiple independent samples with variable start times.


Quantachrome’s flexible field upgrade paths allows you to purchase an instrument based upon your lab’s needs today but the flexibility to upgrade either analysis stations for increased throughput, or to micropore capability for low surface area analysis at a future date.


The standard evo version provides fast and accurate B.E.T surface area measurements. The new B.E.T Quick Mode provides high throughput industrial material characterization labs the ability to process multiple samples at dramatically improved speeds. For advanced material characterization the micropore equipped version provides a 1 torr low pressure transducer and turbo pump to allow the measurement of microporous materials and extremely low surface area samples using Krypton.

  Quadrasorb evo™


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New Improved Features & Benefits

    BET QuickMode- For industrial high throughput settings-Time savings up to 50%

    By passes most initialization, extended evacuation, and transducer zeroing sequences:

    •  Samples can run synchronously.

    Capable of running 4 samples in as little as 25 minutes.

    Dedicated Po transducer and manifold provides uninterrupted
    dosing of samples during measurements:

    •  Po can be continually measured

    •  No need to stop measurement to update Po

    •  No slow down in analysis to measure Po.

    Flexible Po Modes:

    •  Po can be estimated from ambient atmospheric pressure.

    •  Po can be entered as fixed value.

    •  Po can be analytically measured.

    New Hardware Features:

    •  Soft closing protective door with pneumatic hinges for operator safety.

    •  Integrated insulated dewar covers incorporated in lift mechanism to
       extend the life and insulating the dewars content.

    •  Smooth belt drive dewar lift for precise control of Quantachrome’s novel cold zone.

    •  New 1 torr low pressure transducer for krypton and micropore measurements.

    •  Stainless steel gas paths including metal-metal seals for optimal vacuum performance.

    New Dose Wizard™ Flexibility:

    •  Can use a previously measured sample as a dosing template for reduced analysis time.

    •  Can be used with or without QuickMode™


Brochure | Technotes | Degassers

    The Newest Evolution in Modularity & Flexibility in Gas Sorption Analysis.
    Flexible upgrade paths to meet your labs future evolutions in surface area analysis:

    • Available in both standard versions for B.E.T surface area analysis, and the widest industry
      platform of NLDFT models or upgrade to the low pressure micropore model for micropore analysis and low surface area analysis.

    • Available in 2,3, or 4 independent analysis stations
      – Quadrasorb evo™ may be upgraded in the field with additional analysis stations,
      or to micropore capability.

      Features Designed for ease of use:
    • All stations can use 12mm, 9mm or 6mm glassware for maximum flexibility.

    • Automated, independent dewar elevators for each analysis station, plus self-adjusting dewar covers.

    • RTD sensors at each station ensure automatic control of coolant at a level that ensures minimum cold zone and maximum sensitivity.

    • Each of the four analysis ports includes separate and independent dewar (coolant flask) with coolant level sensor, pressure transducer and Po (adsorbate saturated vapor pressure) measurement station for simultaneous measurements yielding maximum throughput and flexibility.

    • Long life dewar flasks for measurements lasting up to 30 hours with liquid nitrogen
    • Choose from two measurement techniques: Patented NOVA® helium-free method or classical helium void volume method.

    • Multiple gas dosing methods to optimize analysis time and resolution:
      1. Standard- Intelligently adjusts dose pressure according to sample demands.

      2. Vector Dosing - user selectable dose volumes from 0.25 to 10cc per point.

      3. Delta (volume) Max™ - adds data points in regions of large uptake so pore filling step is never missed.

      4. Dose Wizard™ - can be used with or without QuickMode™ enabled.
      This allows the instrument to dose more aggressively, saving significant analysis time.

    • Low maintenance, vacuum volumetric system with temperature monitored dosing manifold.

    • Each analysis port can be independently programmed with different analyses and measurement conditions.

    • Stainless steel dosing and sample manifolds with metal-to-metal (VCR) seals.

    • Soft close transparent blue cover protects sample stations and dewars during analysis operation. Opens vertically for easy access to analysis stations, and automatically closes slowly.

    • Communication port for PC control via Windows® based software.

    • Quadrawin™ software ver 3.0+ can operate up to 3 Quadrasorb™ units simultaneously, from one PC.

    QUADRASORB evo™ -KR/MP for low surface area and micropore measurements.
    • All of the functions of the standard model QUADRASORB evo™ plus low surface area measurement via Krypton adsorption or low pressure micropore characterization.

    • Includes low pressure (1 torr) sensor and oil-free turbomolecular vacuum system.

    • Performs Krypton gas sorption measurements for very low surface area determination, eg. pharmaceutical actives, powdered metals, etc.

    • Provides low pressure adsorption data (as low as 4 x 10-5 P/Po) necessary for more complete characterization of microporous materials such as zeolites, activated carbons, and molecular sieves.


Brochure |Technotes | Degassers
  • Pressure Transducers:
    Six* 1000 torr transducers (one on each sample station, plus dosing manifold and Po manifold) plus one# 1 torr transducer (dosing manifold)

  • Transducer Accuracy:
    1000 torr: 0.11% full scale 1 torr: 0.15% reading

  • Pressure Resolution:
    0.016 torr (1000 torr range). 0.000016 torr (1 torr range).

  • Ultimate Vacuum:
    5x10-3 mbar achieved by dedicated 2 stage direct drive rotary pump (included).
    1x10-9 torr achieved by turbo-molecular vacuum pump in Kr/MP model

  • Adsorbates:
    Nitrogen and any other non-corrosive gas with appropriate coolant.

  • Surface Area Range:
    0.01m2/g to no known upper limit (nitrogen).
    0.0005 m2/g to no known upper limit (krypton) Kr/MP model only.

  • Pore Volume:
    Detectable limit less than 0.0001 cc/g.

  • Pore Size Range:
    3.5 to > 4000Å / 0.35 to > 400nm

  • Number of independent Dewar (coolant) baths:

  • Coolant Level:
    Automatically maintained at a level around the sample cell to minimize cold zone volume.

    * Full Quadrasorb evo™ model. 2- and 3-station versions have 4 and 5 respectively.
    # Kr/MP version only.
  • Physical & Utilities:

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 63.7 cm x 53.3 cm x 73.6 cm (inches: 25.25 x 21.0 x 29.0)
  • Depth Open x Height Open: 66.5cm x 111.6 cm (inches: 26.2 x 44)
  • Weight: 57.5 kg (127 lbs.)*
  • Electrical: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Environmental: 10 - 38°C operating range at 90% maximum relative humidity.

  • * Four (4) station standard model not KR/MP mode