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XeriPrep® Degasser- Gas Sorption Sample Preparation

Flexible Sample Preparation for
Surface Area and Pore Size Analysis


Since 1988 the Autosorb® Degasser has been the premier productivity engine for busy surface and material characterization laboratories across the globe. The latest evolution in this tradition is the XeriPrep™ degasser, multi-sample preparation unit. Ideal for R&D, commercial labs, and multi-user laboratories.

  XeriPrep Degasser


New & Improved Features
  • Six independently controlled stations.

  • Individual temperatures and ramp rates.

  • Software controlled temperature profiles.

  • Windows® based software with custom degas parameter programming capability.

  • Built in cold trap for clean vacuum.

  • Built in vacuum pump with oil mist filter.

  • Turbo pump option for high vacuum applications.

  • New lighted touch controls.

  • Electronically actuated valves.

  • Evacuation rate control to prevent elutriation of fine powders.

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XeriPrep Degasser Call-out image


  • Flexible Throughput:
    Use any of the independent sample ports at the same or different temperature.

  • Custom Protocols:
    Program and save your run protocols for reproducible degassing.

  • Reliable:
    Built on proven technology platform.

  • Precise Control:
    Uses electronically actuated and controlled valves.

  • Convenience:
    Lighted controls clearly indicate valve status.

  • Compatible with:
    Autosorb® 6B, Autosorb® 6iSA™, Autosorb® iQ, Nova® Series, Quadrasorb™, and iSorb™.



  • Sample Stations: 6

  • Degas Method: Vacuum

  • Cold Trap: Yes

  • Max Temp: 450°C optional

  • Temperature Control: Via PC Software

  • Evacuation Rate: Coarse, Medium & Fine

  • Dimensions: Height 29” (74cm) x Width 30.5” (77cm) x Depth15.8” (40cm)

  • Weight: 159 lbs. (72 kg)

  • Vacuum Pump: Included (turbo pump optional)