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MillPrep™-Micro Ball Mill


Sample preparation of fine powders has never been easier. Rapid, reproducible grinding of virtually any solid material is possible using the MillPrep™ micro ball mill. Coarse powders, granules, and pellets are quickly reduced to a fine powder for pressing into wafers or direct analysis. Even difficult materials, such as paper, soft wood, and biomass can be pulverized in seconds!


  • Two available holder styles provide wide range of application possibilities.

  • With a wide range of grinding jars of various sizes and materials the MillPrep™ is capable of meeting practically all the grinding, including wet grinding, and mixing needs of today‚Äôs laboratory.

  • The wide range of oscillation frequencies allows ultra fine grinding of a variety of materials such as wood fibers, soil samples, and biomass in seconds on the same instrument.

  • Through the combination of high-energy vibration and the punch of the grinding balls the MillPrep™ can not only grind hard and brittle materials but medium soft, soft, and elastic materials as well.

  • By interchanging the grinding jars and balls for a variety of vial holders, the MillPrep™ now becomes a high-energy mixer, capable of liquid-liquid dispersion and homogenizing suspensions in seconds.

  • The dual jar design increases throughput while simultaneously reducing vibration via counter oscillation.MillPrep™, Dual jar design

Lab Scale Ball Mill

The MillPrep and grinding accessories are sold separately.


  • Precise control of both grinding time and frequency provides reproducible results.

  • Cryogen grinding is available to freeze samples prior to mixing, so even soft, elastic materials, like rubber and soft plastics can be ground efficiently

  • Self-centering clamping system allows for rapid loading and unloading of sample jars, while ensuring proper balance of the vibrating arms.

  • Vibrating parts are enclosed in an interlocked lid that prevents the sample holders from oscillating when open and stops them quickly when opened during operation.

  • Transparent, impact-resistant panel on the lid allows viewing the jars during operation

  • Small footprint uses very little of the valuable bench space in your lab.

  • Sample sizes range from 0.2 ml up to 160 ml using appropriate sample jars and balls.

  • Choose the accessories you need for grinding, cell disruption for RNA/DNA extraction, or turbulent mixing.

  • Available in either standard Pearl or Stainles Steel finishes.