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CPM 8th International Workshop , May 6-9, 2018, Delray Beach

Chemisorption for Catalysis Characterization

Metal Area, Dispersion, TPR / TPO / TPD


Autosorb iQ® - C/C-XR

This analyzer is unrivalled in catalyst characterization capability: one moment it's a rapid surface area and pore size analyzer, the next it is measuring active metal area and dispersion, even temperature programmed analyses. The mass spectrometer option is truly unique and remarkably cost-effective, it being close-coupled via a built-in vacuum chamber and gas sampling system. Note that the C-XR (chemisorption) model retains all of the features of the XR (extented range micropore) model - physisorption capability is never compromised because you need chemisorption data too. A C-MP model is available with 1 torr transducer for low pressure physisorption measurements. more...

commercial gas sorption analyzer

ChemStar TPx

A powerful new tool has been added to Quantachrome’s lineup of flow chemisorption analyzers. The ChemStar™ is a fully automated instrument for the analysis of catalysts and other chemisorption applications. Its intuitive software interface allows the user to program and run a variety of temperature-programmed analyses as well as pulse titration experiments. more...

ChemStar TPx


The very best in compact catalyst characterization using automated flow methods of analysis. Fully automated analysis sequences are programmed using the 64bit TPRWin PC software. Titrations for metal area and dispersion determination use a fully automatic loop injector and automatic gas switching. Furnace temperature ramping provides for temperature programmed methods and sample preparation, both including rapid furnace cooling using forced air for higher throughput. more...

ChemBet Pulsar