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Pore Size Analyzers

Micro/Meso/Macro Pore Size Analysis by Gas Sorption,
Mercury Porosimetry, Capillary Flow Porometry and Electroacoustics

Autosorb iQ-MP®
(Gas Sorption)

The gold-standard in micropore analyzers. Patented, dry high-vacuum system, ultra-stable transducers, three pressure ranges seamlessly overlap. A second, fully micropore enabled analysis station is optional. Turbo-level degassing perfectly complements low starting pressures for true micropore analysis.This is also the model for very low surface area and thin film analyses using krypton gas. A typical physisorption analysis starts with degassing the sample. The desired protocol of heating rates, hold times and automatic testing are loaded, then the iQ takes over. After completing the timed protocol, or sooner if residual pressure rise passes the user defined test limit, the iQ shuts down the degasser, backfilling the sample cell or leaving it under vacuum if preferred. Additional options are available for specific applications -see chemisorption and more...

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Quadrasorb evo

(Gas Sorption)

Up to four simultaneous and independent analysis ports remove the limitations of single dewar systems allowing samples to be started as soon as previous measurements are completed. Krypton / Micropore option available for low surface area and micropore measurements. External roughing pump supplied separately. more...

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NOVAtouch™ Series

The next generation of well-established NOVA analyzers, offering higher speed and performance enhancements including a touch-sensitive, multi-functional color screen that provides reat time graphical and tabular displays of analyses, and enables local control in multiple languages and without a dedicated PC. Remote control via Ethernet connection, a dedicated Po cell, a longer life Dewar, and a novel and robust coolant level control system are provided. Standard and Advanced LX models are available with 1-to-4 analysis station versions, five input gas ports, and four built-in sample preparation ports with programmable heating profiles. more...

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Novatouch Series
Nova e Series

Nova®e Series
(Gas Sorption)

High-speed surface area and pore size analyzers for quality control and research. Meets different throughput needs with single or multi-port (two, three or four sample stations) models. Can be run as stand-alone or PC-based. Secure PC version (21 CFR part II) is also available. Nova's small foorprint even includes built-in sample preparation stations! Operates in classical or helium-free mode. Vacuum pump supplied separately. more...

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autosorb 6iSA

Autosorb-6iSA® (Gas Sorption)

The new Autosorb® 6iSA provides six ports for independent analysis of 1 to 6 samples. Dedicated pressure transducers, dewar flasks, coolant level sensors, and Po cells allow independent and simultaneous operation of each station. Its Windows®-based software, available as a CFR-21 Part 11 version, provides the ability to perform a multitude of data analysis methods including single and multi-point BET Langmuir surface area, mesopore volume and size distribution, micropore area, total pore volume and much more. Modern data communication provides ease of data input and export. more.

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PoreMaster® Series
(Mercury Intrusion)

Automatic pore size distribution and pore volume analyzers using the rapid mercury intrusion method. Pore size range measured from approximately 950 µm diameter to less than 3.5nm in the 60,000 psi capable units, 6.5nm in the 33,000 psi models. Both versions have two, built-in low pressure analysis ports for pore sizes above 4 µm. The high pressure cavity, for pore sizes smaller than 4 µm accommodates one sample cell in the standard unit, and two cells in the GT model for greater throughput. PoreMasters can also be used to determine the crush strength of hollow glass microspheres and for water intrusion studies on hydrophobic materials. more...

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PoreMaster Series

Porometer 3G™ Series
(Liquid Expulsion)

Our capillary flow porometers for characerizing through-pores in thin, sheet-like materials provide exceptional performance in compact desk top units. They are ideal for material testing labs, research and development and quality control departments. Each of the models has its own special application. For example, the Porometer 3Gmacro has exceptional performance in the large pore size range and is perfect for woven and non-woven materials. The Porometer 3Gmicro is a very capable mid-range instrument, perfect as an entry level model. more...

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Wave Series


The WAVE series of pore characterization systems consists of three models. The WAVE 3805 can measure three pore-related properties (mean pore size, porosity, and pore zeta potential) from a single control module. Pore size analysis without mercury and three-in-one capability of the 3805 represents the newest, and probably the most unique, in pore characterization systems. The WAVE 2305 offers measurement of pore zeta potential and porosity, and the WAVE 1905 is dedicated to the rapid dermination of just porosity. more...

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