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New Nova series

Surface Area Analysis and Pore Size Measurement by Gas Sorption

Autosorb- iQ-MP/XR

Premier, high performance, single, dual or triple port B.E.T. surface area and pore size analyzer. Extended micropore range employs high-vacuum, turbomolecular pump (included) and precision low pressure transducers - three transducers on each station cover the entire pressure range without any sharing. Ideal for characterizing MOFs, zeolites and activated carbons. Very low surface area materials can be measured using krypton - no upgrade or add-on option necessary. Extensive data analysis software is included as standard for demanding research applications (NLDFT, QSDFT, GCMC, and classical methods). Includes four built-in, dedicated sample preparation ports with cold trap and programmable multi-step heating profiles. Additional configurations and options are available for specific applications like chemisorption and vapor sorption. more...

commercial gas sorption analyzer


Designed to satisfy high analytical throughput without sacrificing precision, flexibility or cost-effectiveness. Four simultaneous and independent analysis ports remove the limitations of single Dewar systems by allowing samples to be started as soon as previous measurements are completed. A dedicated transducer measures Po continually without slowing down analyses. The unique B.E.T. surface area quick mode gives high throughput industrial materials characterization labs the ability to process samples at dramatically improved speeds. Available with turbo pump for low surface area analysis of multiple samples using krypton. more...

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