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Vapor Sorption Analyzers

Water sorption kinetics, and vapor uptake are characteristics of interest to material scientists interested in exploring how vapor sorption impacts material characteristics, shelf life, performance, and stability. Vapor sorption behavior plays an important role in the development, use, and stability of many common and advanced materials. These characteristics cross a wide variety of material types, applications, and industries.

Some common examples of applications and uses of vapor sorption analysis include:

•  Stability of pharmaceutical excipients and drug actives.
•  Drying and storage of grains.
•  Texture and shelf life of food products.
•  PEM fuel cell components.
•  Mortar, grout and other cementitious materials.
•  Paper and coatings.
•  Hydrophobic surface treatments.
•  Microporous and nanostructured carbons.
•  Ceramics and fired clay.
•  Organic vapor sorption


Vapor sorption analyzer dedicated to the analysis of materials using water and organic vapors. A single thermostatically controlled chamber houses the vapor source and manifold and independently controlled sample cells provides the best temperature control available for the most accurate analyses. The VSTAR is available in 2 or 4 station model(s) to fit your needs. more...

Water & Organic Vapor Sorption Analyzer

Autosorb iQ with Vapor Option

Manometric (static, volumetric) analyzer for gas and vapor physisorption measurements. Typical vapors include water, alcohols, and aromatics. The vapor generator is housed within the manifold chamber... heated and thermostatically controlled. A solenoid valve opens the pump ballast for all-important venting of condensible vapors. The vapor option is available on all models of the Autosorb-iQ, one- and two-station versions. more...

Autosorb iQ