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8th International Workshop(Charcaterization of Porous Materials:From Ångströms to Millimeters)

Quantachrome Instruments scientific research in porous materials characterization

Scientists at Quantachrome

Dr. Matthias Thommes

Dr. Matthias Thommes

Dr. Matthias Thommes , Quantachrome’s Director of Applied Science, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of adsorption and materials characterization,. He authored/co-authored more than 100 scientific/technical publications in the field of adsorption and materials characterization including a monograph on the characterization of powders and porous solid, invited review articles/book chapters as well as original research papers in peer-reviewed high ranking scientific journals. Dr. Thommes is currently also a Visiting Professor at University of Edinburgh, U.K (2012/2013) and holds many leadership positions in professional organizations associated with adsorption and characterization science



Dr. Katie A. Cychosz

Dr. Katie Cychosz

Dr. Katie Cychosz joined Quantachrome Instruments in 2010 and is currently the Analytical Service and Research Manager.



Dr. Francisco Sotomayor

Dr. Francisco Sotomayor, Quantachrome's Application Scientist

Dr. Francisco Sotomayor joined Quantachrome Instrument’s scientific team in September 2016. As Application Scientist,


Dr. Charles G. Thibault

Dr. Charlie Thibault,uantachrome’s product specialist

Dr. Thibault is currently product manager for several key products in Quantachrome’s extensive lineup. He is Quantachrome’s product specialist for the Aquadyne DVS, iSorbHP, Dynasorb, VStar and ChemStar product lines.



Dr. Martin Thomas

Dr. Martin Thomas, Quantachrome's Technical Service Manager

Dr. Thomas joined Quantachrome as Technical Service Manager. Since then he has provided expert technical assistance not only to our engineering, sales, service, customer training and laboratory functions, but also to existing and potential customers and overseas representatives alike. Dr. Thomas is currently Quantachrome’s International Sales Manager.


Invited Speakers

Quantachrome Instruments is pleased to welcome on a regular basis leading scientists in the fields of adsorption, porous materials synthesis and characterization.