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8th International Workshop(Charcaterization of Porous Materials:From Ångströms to Millimeters)

Partners in Science- Dr. Francisco Sotomayor

Scientist at Quantachrome

Dr. Francisco Sotomayor

Dr Francisco Sotomayor

Dr. Francisco Sotomayor joined Quantachrome Instrument’s scientific team in September 2016.  As Application Scientist, Dr. Sotomayor is involved in application support and customer training as well as collaborative research projects with academia and industry. He obtained his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2016 where he studied the performance of flexible microporous materials in carbon capture applications, with a specific emphasis on material evaluation under realistic and dynamic process conditions. Prior to joining Quantachrome Instruments, Dr. Sotomayor was an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he investigated the potential for carbon capture in vehicles.