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Quantachrome Instruments Service, Repair, Upgrades, and Accessories

Quantachrome Instruments can support your instrumentation in the USA and via global field service group that can support your instrumentation throughout its service life. We provide both field service, and phone support(in USA 1-800-989-2476) for all of our material characterization instrumentation. To obtain service or support for your AutoFlow BET+™, Monosorb®, Autosorb®, Quadrasorb, Nova, UltraPyc®, Pentapyc®, Chembet®, ChemStar™, Poremaster®, Porometer, iSorb™,VStar™, Riffler, or Autotap® instruments please feel free to contact us.

Obtaining Service For Your Quantachrome Instruments:

Quantachrome Instruments has a commitment to providing superior service and application support during the lifetime of their use. If you need repair of your Quantachrome instrument, or have a problem with a sample analysis that does not seem to be simply application related, please contact our Service Department here in the United States or your local authorized Quantachrome representative. To contact the Quantachrome Service Department, call 1-800-989-2476 between 8:30am and 5:00pm Eastern Time, use our electronic Service Request Form. Many problems can be easily identified and quickly rectified without recourse to a service visit. If physical repair is required, this can be effected on-site at your facility by one of our highly-trained service technicians or by returning the instrument to our factory. Our service personnel will be pleased to discuss the most time- and cost-effective way to minimize disruption to your lab operation.

When you first contact Quantachrome, please provide or have the following information readily available: instrument name and type (eg NOVA4200e), serial number (to be found on the plate affixed to the rear of the unit), detailed description of the problem (for example please write-down any error messages, valve status when problem was first noticed or any other abnormal indications), recent history of the unit (was the gas supply recently swapped, or was the unit relocated, or other external influence) and software and firmware verions (where appropriate). If a malfunction is suspected because of highly unusual data, please email an example or two of an affected data file together with any log file the instrument might have generated.

Your Voice Matters!The Voice of Customer Program is designed to ensure that, you, the customer, has the ability and opportunity to voice your concerns when you consider your experience falling short of your expectations. The program is designed so the voice of the customer is heard and addressed at the senior levels of the company; allowing opportunities to enhance the customer’s experience and perception from first contact to delivery, installation and service of our products. Your Voice Matters! click here.

Software & Firmware Upgrades for Quantachrome Instruments:

From time to time during the life time of Quantachrome Instruments, we will release software and firmware upgrades to improve reliability, and performance. Please contact your local service representative to see if your instrument qualifies for any software, or firmware upgrades. Whenever possible we recommend keeping your analytical laboratory surface area characterization instrumentation up to date with the most current software and firmware releases.

Quantachrome Instrument Spare Parts:

Quantachrome keeps a complete inventory of critical spare parts, accessories and spare parts. Please contact us, or our global service representative, for assistance in assuring you are ordering the correct spare part, or accessory for your particular model of instrumentation. Alternatively you can send in a spare parts request form by printing out the spare parts form for your model of instrumentation.

Commercial Laboratory Services:

Our LabQMC commercial material characterization laboratory can support all your material characterization needs at discounted rates during the time your instrument is under service/repair. In addition to servicing customers in the USA, we regularly receive samples from customers all over the world. This includes standard surface area measurments such as BET, chemisorption, physisorption, porosity, pore size analysis, as well as many other surface characterization tests.

Quantachrome Instrument Service Contracts:

A new Quantachrome instrument is shipped with a twelve-month warranty (details and conditions are given in the front of the user manual provided with the instrument). Quantachrome does however offer maintenance and service plans that are designed to keep your Quantachrome instrument in top working condition for many years. Annual Service Contracts (USA only) Quantachrome offers three(3) comprehensive service plans tailored to your needs. At your location, a factory-trained Quantachrome representative will: perform scheduled preventative maintenance and a full diagnostic evaluation, align to factory specification and calibrate your Quantachrome instrument.

This will ensure precise, consistent results while extending the life of your instrument and keeping unexpected bills to a minimum.

Download our Service Agreement Coverage Details.

Available Service Plan

Coverage Details Full
Preventative Maintenance

Time and Material
Unlimited Phone and Internet support
Unlimited emergency site visits
Schedule Preventive Maintenance visit (1 year)
Includes travel expenses
Includes labor / time on site
Repair parts included
Preventative Maintenance parts included
Priority application support
1 year calibration certificate. No Charge.
Free software upgrades
Rush lab service premiums waived *
OQ/PQ (Operational-Performance Qualification Discount)
Multi-instrument discount
Emergency visit hourly labor & travel rate
Emergency visit maximum billable hours
16 hours
24 hours
Repair parts discount

*The Quantachrome Laboratory is available for fee based customer sample analysis. Full Service Customers can upgrade their sample processing order to rush at no additional charge.Rush service may not be available on all analysis or all quantities. Contact Quantachrome at for more details.

Note: The following systems are excluded from contract coverage. Please contact for available  at rate repair options (MillPrep, Ultrapyc, Ultrafoam, Micro Ultrapyc, Multipycnometer, Stereopycnometer, Autotap, Dual Autotap, and Ri ers).