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Water Vapor Sorption Analysis

Water Vapor Sorption Analyzer (Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer)

Water sorption behavior plays an important role in the manufacture and design of many commonly encountered and advanced materials.

Some examples include:

  • PEM fuel cell components

  • Drying and storage of grains

  • Texture and shelf life of food products

  • Stability of pharmaceutical excipients and drug actives

  • Mortar, grout and other cementitious materials

  • Paper and coatings

  • Hydrophobic surface treatments

  • Microporous and nanostructured carbons

  • Rehydroxylation studies

dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) analyzer for water sorption isotherms

Water sorption measurement has traditionally been either slow and laborious, or limited to small quantities of material. Aquadyne DVS is the latest innovation in water sorption characterization and overcomes these limitations. It offers fully automated, rapid measurement of adsorption and desorption water isotherms on two samples simultaneously. Accurate water vapor dosing is made possible by using mass flow controllers and a solid state RH sensor.

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